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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Hello my name is Killian Klemencic with U.S. Electric Contractors.

This is our simple explanation for customers on what grounding is and what you should be looking for to be properly grounded.

Grounding is a path provided by wiring that takes excess voltage or power and disperses it safely back outside into the ground. There are many fantastic explanations for you to read in the NFPA website if you would like to look further!

Electrical Inspections you can read more about on our Electrical Services Page! When looking to see if your house is properly grounded, you will be looking for these items.

1.) your strongest and primary ground should be a solid copper wire running continuously from your first means of electrical disconnect such as your panel or meter, to the main water line where it first comes into the house.

The wire should be secured with a ground clamp before and after the back flow meter, and pressure regulator. This is the strongest grounding and considered the primary grounding in your home.

2.)The common secondary grounding is provided by Ground rods. For ground rod installation you are looking for (2) 8 ft rods driven into ground directly outside of your electrical service with a minimum space of 6 ft apart. There should be a solid continuous wire ran from your first means of electrical disconnect, to both ground rods being secured with acorn fittings.

There are other methods of grounding such as rebar that are less common but recommended especially on a property where water is provided by a well set up.

3.) rebar grounding would be considered the second strongest ground and can be considered your primary ground in the event your home or dwelling is supplied with a well water set up. The rebar ground would require a continuous ground from your first means of electrical disconnect such as your panel or meter to the rebar location and attached with an acorn fitting. There are also many videos on the explanation of electrical grounding found here!

Hot water, cold water, and gas line bonding is separate from primary and secondary grounding, but is recommended. See more on Grounding Vs. Bonding By our friends at Home Depot!

These are the items we recommend you check for to make sure your home or dwelling is properly grounded and safe.

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